Turkmenistan as the Three-for-One Staging Ground of Eurasian Destabilization

Again a very interesting geopolitical article produced by Andrew Korybko. This time he highlights the coming role of Turkmenistan in Central Asia


The US and NATO are set to withdraw the majority of their forces from Afghanistan by year’s end (or perhaps be forced to remove them all, leaving the unprepared Afghan authorities to deal with the Taliban terrorist insurgency and a possible government collapse. This isn’t an unintended aftereffect of over a decade of war and occupation – it’s now the primary strategic objective. Since Turkmen resources could not be secured and transferred to the West via the Indian Ocean, instead going to Russia, China, Iran (RCI), and possibly to Pakistan and India, the US is now focusing on a major resource-denial attack directed against these clients via post-withdraw Turkmen destabilization. It also understands that the country is the lynchpin bringing together RCI interest in Central Asia, thereby meaning that it can attack all three of them by proxy through its territory. Turkmenistan is highly vulnerable to America’s destabilization attempts, and besides disrupting valuable energy flows to its neighbors, a major consequence would be the emergence of a Black Hole of Chaos in the heart of Eurasia.

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Brilliant article, isn’t it. Next to the possible destabilization attempts in Turkmenistan, let us recapitulate the other US and NATO activities in the region:

  • Georgia‘s EU and NATO path is on the one hand moving NATO in yet another area directly to the Russian border, moreover it opens the possibility to reopen the Abkhazia conflict as well as the Ossetian conflict.
  • Armenia, Russia’s loyal ally and security partner in the region, is brought into a difficult situation by the Georgian EU association, where the landlocked country would have almost no possibilities to transport its goods to the Russian market.
  • Azerbaijan, on the other hand, is on confrontation path with Armenia again. Also an American ally and brother state of the Turks, Azerbaijan adds to the destabilization of Armenia with military means.

The latter two are neighbours of Iran, which Armenia has good relations with. By pulling the strings in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, the USA can therefore cause a lot of trouble for its Asian adversaries, Russia, Iran, and China. And we can be pretty sure that exactly this will be happening fairly soon.

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